Landscape Process

Steps to a Successful Landscape Project

  1. Call our office at (616) 698-8064 or fill out our Landscape Estimate Request to request an appointment with a designer.
  2. A designer’s assistant will call you to set up a consultation appointment with a designer.
  3. Gather some ideas about your proposed project and if possible have a survey of your property available.
  4. At the first meeting, the designer will walk your property and discuss your ideas.
  5. A customized landscape quote will be created to reflect your ideas, the needs of the property and solutions to any challenges presented.
  6. After you review the quote, let us know if you have any questions or if you want to accept the quote.
  7. If the quote is accepted, a 50% deposit is required before your project can be put up for scheduling.
  8. Your project will then be placed on the agenda for our scheduling meeting.
  9. You will be notified as soon as we have a tentative date scheduled for your project.
  10. On the day of installation, your designer will meet the foreman of the crew and review all of the details of the project.  If you have questions as the project progresses, please call your designer or our office.  However, you are also welcome to discuss any questions with the foreman on site.
  11. After completion of the project, we will walk through your new landscape to assure you are satisfied and that we have met or exceeded your expectations.
  12. A final invoice will be mailed to you.
  13. The designer will check back with you some time in the next few months to check on your plants.