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“We want to express our complete satisfaction and appreciation to all the staff at you company. You have solved many problems relating to wet conditions in the back yard. Prior to all of this being done our sump pump was cycling on and off every 20 minutes during rain but it rarely turns on now. Among other projects, the removal of wood bark and replacement with stone around the house footings is cleaner, more attractive and longer term solution for those areas.

A special thanks goes out to Alex. He has provided ideas and guidance during all the projects.”

W.P., Grand Rapids

“Wonderful job mulching!
D.M., Grand Rapids

“We wanted to let you know how impressed we were by your crew.  Mark, Matt, Chris and the rest worked hard and created a stunning transformation of our yard.  The boulders and plantings were carefully placed to surround our water feature in a natural setting!”
A.B., Grand Rapids

“Kevin took the time to ask me how I wanted my lawn cut and taught his helper well!  Thank you!”
S.C., Grand Rapids

“I just had to call and let you know that your crew did an exceptional job today!  You have done work for us for years at every home we have had.  Every time you do work it is great, but this time was over the top!  The best customer service we have had!
S.W., Grand Rapids

“Your crew did an amazing pruning job!”
J.K., Dorr

“Jason did an awesome job getting rid of the gold in my boxwood hedge!”
C.A., Ada

“Just wanted to let you know that the guys did a really nice job touching up the mulch/landscaping for spring yesterday.  Best clean up so far.  They even put out our table/chairs in the backyard – so nice of them.  Please give them a pat on the back for us for a job well done!  Really appreciate it.”
B.T., Grand Rapids

“Just wanted to pass along, Thank you for a great job.  There was so much trash and leaves.  We have noticed our landscape looks great!”
J.P., Grand Rapids

“I like the quality of your mulch and the crew did a careful job of applying it.  Thank you!”
M.K., Grand Rapids

“Very impressed!  Did everything as I would have.”
D.M., Ada

“Great customer service!  Represents your company very well!  A++”
J.W., Byron Center

“Yay!!  The back yard is completed and we are very pleased with the way everything looks.  I want to sing the praises of Mark & Mitch.  They are awesome and a great team!  They worked tirelessly to make sure everything looked nice, and it does!  They were also diligent to make sure everything was cleaned up.  Super nice guys!”
A.S., Grand Rapids

“I couldn’t be more pleased with your team and the job they did at Cascade Arby’s.  That’s two in a row that you’ve knocked it out of the park!  The plant selection and placement is just what I’m looking for!”
S.K., Cascade

“Wonderful job!  Over the top!”
K.S., Caledonia

“Our patio looks awesome!  We are super happy on how everything looks and how it turned out.  Jon and the guys working along with him did a great job.  Their hard work and attention to detail is top notch along with the friendliness and willingness to answer any of the questions I had during the course of the job.  Everett’s will come very highly recommended by us!  Thank you!”
C.P., Caledonia

“Everyone did a great job.  Great Work!  Very Courteous!”
J.C., Grand Rapids

“Thank you, the brick work looks beautiful!  Just like new!”
S.M., Grand Rapids

“The guys did a great job – and in the rain!”
K.E., Caledonia

“I like the quality of your mulch and the crew did a careful job of applying it.  Thank you!”
M.K., Grand Rapids

“I just wanted to say what an awesome job your guys did today with the clean up.  The look of the extended beds in the back yard is exactly what I had in mind.  Please pass on a ‘Thank you’ from me and let them know they did an amazing job!”
A.S., Grand Rapids

“You may know this already, but you have one heck of a great guy working for you in Jake.  He went above and beyond yesterday and really impressed me by staying and getting everything done right.  I just wanted to pass on my sincere appreciation to Everett’s for taking care of me once again.”
T.M., Rockford

“Very pleased with all the work done at my house.  Way to go guys!”
B.B., Grand Rapids

“The fall cleanup crew did a wonderful job.  Our yard looks fantastic!”
L.C., Grand Rapids

“The cleanup the crew did was exceptional.  Great job!”
L.S., Grand Rapids

“Your crew did a fantastic job!  The yard looks great!  Thankful for your service throughout the year!”
D.M., East Grand Rapids

“The tree looks great!  And my dad was very, very happy with Everett’s professionalism.  He commented on it multiple times on Thanksgiving, so I thought I would pass along the positive feedback.  Thank you so much for all of your help and for a seamless and smooth process.  I will be recommending Everett’s in the future and plan to use the company for any future landscaping needs!”
A.R., Middleville

“Guys did a great job mowing!”
S.B., Caledonia

“We love Randy!  Very knowledgeable and fun to work with!”
M.E., Middleville

“The lawn looks great!  Thanks Todd for all the tender love and care!”
S.B., Byron Center

 “Guys did an excellent job!  We are very pleased.  Thank you for the good workers!”
M.S., Jenison

“Thank you Julie and the whole team at Everett’s for the personal attention and care.  You’ve made a major cause of my stress into a source of enjoyment!”
K.R., Grand Rapids

“I just wanted you to know that we have been very impressed with the crew working at the house.  The level of professionalism is outstanding.  Every crew member can speak to the progress each day and decisions that were made.  When I have the chance to talk to them, they never make me feel like I’m bugging them but rather seem proud to show me the progress and talk through the details.  And they should be proud – they are doing an outstanding job.  I don’t think we have ever been this impressed with a company on a project as we have been with Everett’s.  It has been a great experience and we thank you and your team for that.”
M.C., Grand Rapids

“We think it looks great.  I was also very impressed with the professionalism of the landscapers and I thought they did a great job implementing the plan that you developed.  They were very easy to work with and were genuinely interested in my thoughts along the way, which is much appreciated!”
B.C., Byron Center

“Todd is an angel.  He always takes great care of my lawn.  He even brings the trash can back up for me.  I get compliments all the time that my lawn is the nicest one in the neighborhood.  I will use Everett’s for as long as I live here.”
P.A., Alto

“It’s looking great.  Thanks to Brian, Neil, Mike & Mark!”
J.H., Grand Rapids

“Thank you!  The tree is so beautiful and your guys were so very nice and polite!”
H.D., Caledonia

“Wanted to mention what a great job the guys did on clean up for our outdoor pictures last week – impressive!”
T.P., Grand Rapids

“Another job well done by the Everett’s Landscaping crew at our home.  Neil was his bright smiling, accommodating self.  I appreciate him sharing his green thumb knowledge with me on my yard!”
C.D., Grand Rapids

“Please thank Brian and the crew that worked at our house.  I see they completed the work yesterday and even dealt with the lawn that the trees had killed.  It looks really good and I appreciate the fine work they did.”
M.V., Grand Rapids

“The fellows were prompt, very nice and polite and did a good job cleaning up.”
M.M., Ada

“Thank you!  It looks great – actually better than my neighbors now!”
J.B., Alto

“I just wanted to let you know that I think you guys did a GREAT job last season!  The weather was unbelievable and you were super and I felt that you proviced excellent service especially considering the conditions.  Thank you!”
J.B., Caledonia

“Thank you for your wonderful service!  We so appreciate all you do!  Thank you to all who work hard to satisfy our needs.  Your professionalism and dedication was noticed!”
Arby’s, Grand Rapids

“OMG! Breathtaking! So, so, so exciting!  Thanks for all the amazing efforts!”
E.Z., Dorr

“We want to thank you for the fantastic job you did on our property.  It looks amazing!  Your attention to every detail showed in the results…a job well done!”
D.A., Byron Center

“Our yard looks amazing!  Best it’s looked in 3 years.  Leo is the greatest and Normand is a ‘keeper’.  Very hard workers.  Everything is perfect!”
J.H., Grand Rapids

“Thank you Brian and the entire Everett’s crew for completing our sea wall, retaining walls, deck and stairs at our Sandy Pines site.  From the photos you sent us we can see that you surpassed our expectations.  We can’t wait to see your work in person.  We look forward to many more years of enjoyment at Sandy Pines thanks to all of you!”
R.E., Dorr

“Wow! I could not believe my eyes when I arrived home this evening.   The waterfall/pond feature is beautiful!”
B.D., Hamilton

“We are extremely happy we chose Everett’s Landscape.  Everything so far looks great!  Crews are very meticulous about cleaning up each day when they leave.”
B.K., Caledonia

“I just want to say a big THANK YOU for the excellent snow plow service.  This is our first winter with you and the service has been excellent and very timely to enable us to get out when we need to.  You are much appreciated in this tough winter!  Thanks much!”
L.H., Caledonia

“Thanks for all the great work your team has been doing this winter!”
V.B., Caledonia

“On behalf of the management team at Spectrum Health Neuro Rehab Residential Program, I would like to say thanks so much for your assistance with snow removal this winter.  The management team is very happy with the job your crew is doing this year!”
S.H., Grand Rapids

“George and I think of Everett’s when we look at our beautiful yard.  It looks so nice, thanks to Brent and crew.  George is very pleased with the refurbished rock garden and bank along the lake shore.  The kayak shed is working out great!  Our customer appreciation mums added the right touch to finish off our landscaping. Thanks!”
J.S., Grand Rapids

“We are thrilled with the execution and design of our landscape.  The guys were very polite and personable and everything was cleaned up great!”
D.K., Grand Rapids

“So pleased with the work that was done at my house!  I cannot praise the crews enough!”
A.B., Grand Rapids

“My shrubs look great!  Your crew was very professional and did awesome!”
J.B., Grand Rapids

“I love the pruning Leo did – It looks absolutely fabulous, beautiful!”
K.H., Grand Rapids

“Dave always does a great job!”
K.O., Alto

“Everything looks GREAT!”
G.L., Grand Rapids

“I was walking around my yard yesterday and everything looks so beautiful!  I just wanted to say Thank you!”
P.B., Middleville

“Dave takes great care of me!”
L.D., Alto

“Thank you for the “random act of kindness” of planting a single yellow pansy in front of my room window!  It is still there today!”
Spectrum Health Patient

“Thank you for a job well done on my leaves.  It is a huge undertaking and they did an extraordinary job!”
A.D., Grand Rapids

“Thank you for the beautiful work in our yard.  See you in the spring!”
R.N, Byron Center

“The retaining walls that you designed and installed by our condo continue to look A PLUS!  The neighbors like them.  The deer like them.  In fact, the deer graze the grass and then often slumber on the lawn near our deck!  Of course they prefer the flowers and shrubs for treats.  You hire good staff!”
D.J., Grand Rapids

“Thank you for such prompt and beautiful work.  It looks wonderful!”
J.C., Ada

“Thank you for the wonderful work done for me!”
R.W., Caledonia

“Thank you so much for our beautiful retaining wall!  It is more than we could’ve ever expected.  Thanks for all your hard work and flexibility.  We really appreciate it!”
B.M., Zeeland

“Thank you for the great job.  Our yard looks awesome!”
S.W., Byron Center

“Thank you for helping me decide what would be best in my yard.  I am looking forward to spring so that I can see the new trees in bloom!”
M.T., Grandville

“Thanks so much! Those guys did a GREAT job!  I mean it, those guys Rock!”
M.P., Caledonia

“Mark represents your company well.  The guys do a superb job.  We are loving the outcome!”
B.C., Grand Rapids

“We love our new front yard your guys gave us!  It has transformed the front of the house and is so much more convenient.”
C.F, Grand Rapids

“Just wanted to send a note telling you how helpful and professional Matt has been at our house.  He took the time to let me know what was going on and how the work was progressing at the house.  He was also very thorough in explaining what work was going on and answering the questions I had.  We appreciate it very much and just wanted to let you know about our good experience!
A.B., Lowell

“”The guys who have been cutting my lawn for the past two to three months are just awesome!  They do a beautiful job and always leave me with a lawn I can be proud of!”
S.W., Caledonia

“The pruning crew did a wonderful job – absolutely gorgeous work!”
M.D., Grand Rapids

“Let Alex and the team know that I love it!  Thank you!”
M.C., Marne

“This note is about one year late, but better late than never!  We just want to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful snow plow services you provided last year.  Our driveway is difficult to plow, but Everett’s staff always came through for us, literally and figuratively!  Thank you!”
D.K., Grand Rapids

“Thank you for making our backyard look so beautiful!  From Brent’s initial design that looks just grand and Daron’s help in selecting the right brick for our liking, it all came together even better than we imagined.  John & Rudolfo, what teamwork!  The precision, layers and slopes are amazing and we marvel at your talent to make such a gorgeous patio!  We are getting many compliments on how it was done and are very proud of this new living extension.  Randy, we think you get a “high” directing water where it needs to go and love your enthusiasm.  We really appreciate the work you did with the water coming off the roof.  Nate, Anthony and Josh your landscaping was just the icing on the cake and we are enjoying the look of the different plants and watching them grow.  Thank you for planting the plants out in the field for me.  You did a much better job than I would have done and a lot faster.  We enjoyed all of you at different times working and lunching in our back yard this summer and invite you to stop by and take a look.”
L.V., Byron Center

“Your guys did a great job!  I’m very pleased with their customer service and professionalism!”
B.S., Grand Rapids

“It was worth every penny and then some!  Our neighbors are going nuts!  You managed to make a challenging site look great!”
C.S., Ada

“Boy did I pick the right company!  My goodness, it looks absolutely beautiful.  I love the workers!”
N.V., Coral

“The guys pruned yesterday and it looks great!  The crew was a pleasure to work with.  They were very knowledgeable.  Thank you for the great service!”
W.H., Grand Rapids

“You guys did a great job.  Exactly what we wanted.  Thank you!”
J.M., Grand Rapids

“The two men that did my pruning did a real fine job!”
E.L., Grand Rapids

“Great job on the back hill area.  It looks amazing!”
J.L., Grand Rapids

“The tree work looks great!  I can’t wait for the next scheduled trip!”
C.A., Grand Rapids

“The trimmers did a great job!”
J.P., Caledonia

“The guys were just at my house mowing and did a magnificent job.  Thank you!”
D.C., Grand Rapids

“My lawn has never looked so good!  It’s the best in the neighborhood!”
B.N, Hudsonville

“Jason is a good listener and had a great understanding of what I wanted done.  The work I had done was a team effort by Everett’s.  They are definitely a hard working group!  I would rate them with a superior rating if it were available.  The project was well organized by Jason and Jay.”
K.K., Jenison

“Thank you for replanting my tree.  I have gotten nothing but compliments form the neighbors!”
C.S., Byron Center

“We met Brian at the Home Show and talked with him about our backyard.  Brian came out, developed a plan and a quote and we agreed to proceed.  The team of Joe, Justin and Jacob worked hard to make sure both my wife and I were happy with the placement of the boulders and the trees.  They were so gracious and knowledgable to help us through this project.  Everytime we asked to change things the team stepped up and surpassed even our wildest dreams.  The back yard was transformed into a beautiful sight to behold.  Way beyond what we could have imagined.  About all we can say is thanks so much to all of you who helped us on this project for making our dream come true!”
M.A., Plainwell

“My landscape looks awesome!  We love it!  Abbey was a pleasure to work with!”
S.J., Byron Center

“Thank you to your mowing guys for helping a stranger in need to put their car muffler back on!  It was much appreciated!”

“Special thanks to Brent, Dawn, Mark L., Mark B., Randy, Nate and Anthony for creating an incredible outdoor living space.  During the three projects we have been very impressed with your professional work ethic.  Everyone took enormous pride in their work and did their work well.  These projects all have had twists and turns needing changes both large and small.  Whether it was Brent, Dawn or the onsite foreman, we always felt we were listened to and the finished project was beyond our expectations!”
D.M., Grand Rapids

“Your crews did a great job last friday for us.  I was impressed with their professionalism and work ethic.”
J.H., Drenthe

“The work I had done was a team effort by Everett’s.  The project was well organized by Jason and Jay.  They are definitely a hard working group!  I would rate them with a superior rating if it were available.  Everything was done above our expectations and details are something they do automatically.  They are a pleasure to work with.  You will not be disappointed if you use them for any project you need done!”
K.K., Jenison

“My landscape looks awesome!  We love it!  Abbey was also a pleasure to work with!”
S.J., Byron Center

“Thank you!  Your guys did awesome work!  We are very pleased!”
M.B., Grand Rapids

“Thanks very much, the front looks great!  Please let Brent know that his crews were top notch!  They worked hard, were courteous and in general took great care of us.”
C.M., Ada

“My yard has never looked so good, even my neighbors commented on it!  The guys mowed under my overhanging bushes and they did a great job edging!”
M.Z., Hudsonville

“A great big thanks to you and your wonderfully talented crew!  It’s just amazing the transformation of my back yard.  I love it and will enjoy it for many, many years to come.  You all have managed to give me everything I asked for and more. Wow!  Nice to meet all of you and thanks again!”
C.D., Grand Rapids

“Our lawn had a ton of weeds in it.  We decided to try Everett’s Fertilization Program.  Todd came out and really took his time working on our lawn and now my lawn looks amazing!  We are thrilled!”
J.Z., Caledonia

“We’d like to thank you for a job well done!”
G.L., Ada

“Thank you for returning to finish our yard.  We are so pleased.  Neil and Andy, you worked so hard and we are so appreciative.  It looks so nice and perfect now!  Thank you.  Brian, please feel free to use us as references anytime.  You are all good people, hard working and dedicated.  Happy Spring!”
E.S., Grand Rapids

“Your plower did a great job!  He even pushed the snow to the sides so the county trucks wouldn’t plug my driveway!”
C.S., Grandville

“The past several years your employees have done a great job on dethatching the front & back yards.”
R.M., Grand Rapids

“I have never had such great snow plow service! I am very impressed!”
K.S., Byron Center

“Thanks for making our world more beautiful!”
T.M., Caledonia

“Brent and team – Absolutely outstanding work!  Thanks so much!”
D.S., Grand Rapids

“The crew did a wonderful job cleaning up my leaves!”
T.S., Grand Rapids

“My yard looks so nice.  Every time I look at it I think ‘I love Everett’s!'”
C.B., Grand Rapids

“The crew has done a good job cleaning our leaves this fall!”
J.C., Grand Rapids

“The guys just finished up with all the planting of new trees and I have been getting calls from condo owners that they are happy with the trees and that you guys did a very good job along with the clean up around those areas.  Please let the guys know that we are very happy with the work that they have done!”
L.B., Byron Center

“From forest to fabulous!  Great job!”
K.C., Grand Rapids

“Thanks for working for me in the back yard after the last leaves fell.  We haven’t seen the back ground without any leaves in many years, even though we have always raked and hauled away dozens of huge bags by truck, including this year (before we called you and when the leaves were still falling).  Many thanks!  We are excited about the new look out the back windows since your fellows breezed through!”
T.K., Grand Rapids

“Our landscape is beautiful!  Thank you for all the hard work!”
J.H., Belding

“My backyard looks amazing!  Wonderful job! I can hardly wait to get the front yard done someday!”
M.T., Caledonia

“We love our new landscape.  The japanese maple is beautiful.  Wonderful job!”
C.R., Byron Center

“The landscape looks awesome!  Great job!”
R.G., Grand Rapids

“Crew did a great job!  It turned out beautiful!”
M.D., Grand Rapids

“Thank you for a wonderful job on our yard.  The crew was great, right down to the clean up!  We were very pleased with how it all turned out!”
J.S., Grand Rapids

“The guys did a great job with the hydroseeding!  There were a lot of areas and not one was missed.  Thank you!”
S.K., Grand Rapids

“Your team has been doing a great job this year!”
B.T., Grand Rapids

“Thanks for doing such a wonderful job weeding!”
M.N., Byron Center

“Excellent job at our house!”
A.M., Caledonia

“Great job!  I could tell right away when I got home that the guys had been here, everything was all cleaned up!”
P.B., Middleville

“Thank you so much for the beautiful maple.  We really appreciate it!”
R.W., Caledonia

“My lawn looks great this year and the guys did an excellent job on the railroad tie steps!  Mike is a pleasant, capable young man.  He was smart enough to check the lot lines, not guess.  Thank you Brent for your kindness to us.  You are a blessing in our lives!”
R.S., Grand Rapids

“Thank you!  I encountered several wonderful workers at Everett’s!”
A.M., Grand Rapids

“Each year our waterfall display in the Railway Garden makes a wonderful presentation.  Your donation and assistance in creating our display is very much appreciated.  The entire Christmas exhibit has become an important tradition for thousands of West Michigan families.  Thank you for helping to bring joy to people!”
D., Frederik Meijer Gardens

“We appreciate your work!  Thank you for taking care of us.”
J.S., Grand Rapids

“The guys did a great job with our landscape.  We love it!”
S.B., Grand Rapids

“Everett’s is doing an excellent job.  We are very happy with your service!”
B.H., Hudsonville

“Nice job on the project.  Thanks for the quick turn around!”
M.S., Grand Rapids

“Job turned out GREAT!”
P.S., Byron Center

“Thank you!  I encounter several wonderful workers from Everett’s!”
A.M., Wyoming

“The guys did a great job with the hydroseeding.  There were a lot of areas and not one was missed.  Thank You!”
S.K., Grand Rapids

“Thank you so much for the professional and good job done for our landscaping!  Thank you to you all!  May God bless you all!”
S.R., Belmont

“I would like to thank everyone for the exceptional job that was completed this week.  Your teams were very respectful and courteous.  The roof looks beautiful and we have received numerous comments from staff and especially the patients that are able to overlook the roof.  Our goal was to provide a positive/healing environment for patients and we have accomplished that.”
J.M., Spectrum Health Blodgett

“I would like to thank you for the work that is being done by Everett’s.  From a curb appeal standpoint the restaurants in the North look great!  Scott (and often Mike who helps him) is an awesome guy!  He provides top level service, communication, and interaction with all of our restaurants.  He is engaged in conversation with all restaurant managers (and our customers!), focused on delivering great results on site, is open for feedback, and (most importantly) will do whatever it takes to provide top notch service.  To say he is an asset to your company is an understatement.  I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I personally appreciate this level of service!”
N.S., Grand Rapids

“Thank you for supplying labor for another season.  Special thanks to Brent and Dennis – both are superb!”
E.K., Grand Rapids

“Great job!  Mike was very conscientious in what he was doing.  We’d love to have him fertilize our lawn all the time!”
W.M., Grand Rapids

“Job looks great!  Guys did a great job!”
J.T., Byron Center

“As with all of the projects that we have had done, the latest project by Brent, Jay and Matt was a huge success!  We appreciated the time and patience the guys showed us in accomplishing what we wanted.”
B.C., Grand Rapids

“Good job guys!”
B.B., Caledonia

“Your guys are awesome!  Thank you so much for taking care of us.  We really appreciate it!”
T.F., Walker

“The place looks great as always!”
K.H., Grand Rapids

“Everything looks beautiful!  We love the way it all turned out.  Thank you so much!”
J.T., Byron Center

“Sod looks great at Costco!”
Customer, Costco

“Our lawn looks fantastic!”
M.K., Lowell

“I love the work you did at Blodgett ~ it really makes my job special!”
Employee, Spectrum Blodgett

“We are very pleased with the services!  We’d love to advertise for Everett’s with a sign in our yard saying that you take care of our fertilizing.  It looks so good and we’d love to let everyone know Everett’s is the one doing our lawn!”
D.V., Caledonia

“Thank you!  I appreciate the way the work was done and for keeping me informed about everything!”
E.I., Grand Rapids

“The trimming looks wonderful!  Thanks so much!”
L.C., Grand Rapids

“Fantastic clean up of the pine tree!”
A.F., Grand Rapids

“Love the landscape!  We wish we had more money to have more done!  Everett’s goes above and beyond expectations!”
L.S., Byron Center

“Looking good at the duplex!”
J.R., Grand Rapids

“We are very pleased with the work at mother’s house!  We switched to Everett’s from a referral and now the lawn is lush and green.  It’s one of the best lawns in the neighborhood!  Great job!”
D.O., Grand Rapids

“The pruning looks wonderful and the church is ready for the wedding!  Very Impressive!”
B.D., Caledonia

“Yard is looking great!”
R.R., Grand Rapids

“Everything looks spectacular!  We are so happy to have Everett’s back providing our maintenance service!”
B.D., Grand Rapids

“Thank you for the service today!  I’m glad you’re back!”
A.R., Grand Rapids

“The trees are doing well!”
C.V., Grand Rapids

“Thank you Brent and team for the service on our project!”
S.T., Grand Rapids

“Nice job!”
K.T., Jenison

“You guys are good!  I will recommend you guys for anything!”
P.M., Grand Rapids

“The guys came today to edge and remove stuff.  Looks great!”
J.V., Ada

“The guys did such a nice job installing the drainage!  Everything looks great!”
L.B., Caledonia

“Thanks Brent.  A job well done!”
P.M., Grand Rapids

“Everyone is so friendly when I call on the phone and the guys do a great job on my lawn.  Jen is very friendly, kind and helpful when I call.”
M.J., Lowell

“Great job!  I can’t believe your guys got the job done in one day!
M.H., Hudsonville

“Great job power raking my lawn!”
R.M., Grand Rapids

“Wonderful spring clean-up!”
W.S., Caledonia

“Spring clean-up looks awesome!”
M.B.V., Grand Rapids

“Great job spreading my dirt!”
F.C., Grand Rapids

“Love the snowplowing!”
E.M., Grand Rapids

“Your team was very efficient and worked well together.  All of you were very polite and knowledgeable when I asked you questions which I appreciated a lot.  I also appreciated your willingness to work with the State of Michigan EPA, Kent County, and the Road Commission to abide by all their rules and regulations and permits, etc.  One last thing was I admired how you all worked together so well as a “team”, like a well-oiled machine.  I would definitely recommend all of you in a second!  You did an excellent job!”
C.S., Grandville

“Thank you so much for taking care of our snow while we were on a mission trip!”
R.S., Caledonia

“Scott & Chris did my pruning and weeding last October and they did a great job!  I was very pleased with their speedy efficiency and pleasant attitude.”
L.V., Jenison

“You have some great plowers!  Thanks for getting my car unstuck at 2 am!”
Someone stuck in the road, Grand Rapids

“I just wanted to pass on a word of thanks for the excellent work you and the team at Everett’s did on the landscaping at our home!  You took my wife’s requirements, my requirements and some existing landscaping and added an amazing array of beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers and combined everything into an amazing landscape design.  Then you hand selected all the trees, shrubs and flowers for us (all full, beautiful, robust, healthy plants).  And finally, you coordinated installation at our convenience.  What is there not to love about you people?  Why would I ever even consider going somewhere else?  Your work helped sell our house in
2 1/2 weeks in this economy!  Funny, the house we purchased was landscaped by Everett’s too!  Keep up the great work – you guys are amazing!”
J.T., Caledonia

“Everett’s runs a great snowplow operation!”
E.K., Grand Rapids

“The brick walkway and steps that Everett’s put in for us are lovely.  The work replaced a previous job that was disintegrating, since it had not been done correctly.  Therefore, we know who to call when again to have any landscaping done!”
D.B., Middleville

“Living in a century old home, we choose our projects very carefully.  For a number of years we had wanted to do a major overhaul addressing the sad condition of our curb appeal.  I had met with two other companies before I decided to give Everett’s Landscape a call after spending time on their website and seeing what they were all about.  After our first meeting with Alex, I knew we had found the company to take my hopes, dreams, lifestyle and budget issues and bring them into reality.  He was able to take the scattered ideas I had – temper them with his knowledge of design and horticulture – and give us a yard that has school bus drivers stopping in front of the house to ask me questions about who we worked with.  When there were issues and questions, Alex and everyone he works with at Everett’s, were quick to sit down with us and discuss the particulars.  From his first consultation, to those who executed his vision, to the office staff – we had full confidence that we were being heard and understood.  I would have no hesitation whatsoever about having more work done by Everett’s!”
W.S., Grand Rapids

“Thanks for a great job snowplowing!”
A.T., Byron Center

“We are excited to see how the landscaping does over the winter!  It turned out very nice even with doing it so late in the fall.  It was nice to be able to have your expertise in choosing trees that would fit into our current landscape.  We look forward to working with you as we continue updating our landscape.  It is especially helpful that you were able to work with us in just certain sections of our property and not have to do all of it at once.”
K.F., Hastings

“Great job snowplowing!  My driveway looks great!
J.L., Grand Rapids

“Alex has always responded in a very timely manner to our request for quotes and offered ideas for our landscaping projects.  As well, he always made sure that the projects had gone as planned and within budget.  He always followed up after the projects were completed to ensure the highest quality of work had been performed.  The installation crews from Everett’s have always been friendly, hardworking and courteous.  We look forward to being in contact with you in the next couple of months of our 2011 landscaping project.”
D.S., Grand Rapids

“I cannot tell you how much we enjoy our new patio!  We don’t do a lot of entertaining so this is just for us.  Brent gave us exactly what he said he would – a beautiful outdoor living space!  We used to go out to a favorite restaurant of ours that had a patio with night lighting.  We would admire the patio and lighting, never thinking that ours would be even better!  Thank you, Brent for a wonderful job!
D.M., Grand Rapids

“Thank you!  Looks great!
P.G., Byron Center

“Cleanup looks amazing!  Great job!”
R.F., Grand Rapids

“Good cleanup!”
S.F., Grand Rapids

“We are very pleased with the work that was done!”
P.M., Grand Rapids

“Final cleanup was a nice surprise!  Good job!”
A.S., Grand Rapids

“The guys did a fantastic job!”
R.T., Grand Rapids

“Thanks for taking such good care of the lawn!”
J.H., Alto

“Love the work that was done!”
G.M., Grand Rapids

“Great job this year…Jon’s a great guy!
C.A., Ada

“Thank you for the job well done.  It looks beautiful!”
S.N., Grand Rapids

“Clean-up job on our downed tree looks great!”
B.O., Caledonia

“Everything looks great!  You guys did an awesome job!”
L.P., Grand Rapids

“They went out of their way to do a great job!”
B.B., Byron Center

“Thanks for making a special appointment for me and giving me a call to say you were stuck in traffic.”
K.L., Grand Rapids

” My grass looks like green carpet.  The seeding you did last year came in awesome.  We love it!”
T.T., Grand Rapids

“We’d like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy we are with the landscaping for our new home.  We are delighted with every aspect of the project.  Building a new home is a  very stressful experience, but the landscaping was the one aspect that went flawlessly.  We are looking forward to implementing phase two next spring.”
A.S., Caledonia

“Thanks for doing such a great job to solve our drainage problem.  I really appreciate your professionalism!”
K.P., Grand Rapids

“Peter and I thank you for the wonderful job of landscaping our home.  It is beautiful and we love it.  It was a pleasure to work with your entire staff.  They were creative, helpful, hard working, courteous and a lot of fun to work with.  Your office staff have been great.  We have had very nice comments on our landscaping.”
J.P., Grand Rapids

“The guys did a great job with the bark.  Our place looks great!  Those guys really represent your company well.”
L.W., Grand Rapids

“Did a nice job.  No extra damage and it was really wet.  Great job!”
J.P., Caledonia

“Thanks for the wonderful trimming job this year!”
T.K., Grand Rapids

“I got the pictures of the office and it looks really nice.  Katie is thrilled. Nice job!”
A.O., Grand Rapids

“Beautiful naturally manicured trees!  Great job!!”
B.D., Caledonia

“Everything was beautiful!  Many people asked who did the flowers!”
C.A., Ada

“Thanks for moving the large branch that fell in the storm.  The yard looks nice, keep up the good work!”
M.D., Middleville

“Thanks for the great service!”
M.B., Grand Rapids

“Thank you for providing such great service and making our property one of the prettiest on the block!”
K.V., Grand Rapids

“You did an amazing job cleaning up after your work.  Everything looked Great!”
J.C., Grand Rapids

“I never saw such hard working, nice, polite workers in my life!  They were absolutely excellent!  I can’t say enough good about them!”
C.S., Grandville

“So happy with the job!  Your crew went over and above – way beyond our expectations!”
B.B., Grand Rapids

“Yard looks fantastic!”
H.T., Grand Rapids

“Great job!  Fantastic to work with!”
R.S., Caledonia

“The yard looks marvelous!  You’re doing a fantastic job!”
D.C., Grand Rapids

“Randy did a wonderful job on the waterfall!”
S.F., Grand Rapids

“Trimming looks great!  Very professional!”
E.D., Byron Center

“Just loved Randy and what he did with my yard!”
M.C., Grand Rapids

“Leo and Aaron did a wonderful job on the pruning at our house.  They worked so hard and did exactly what we wanted and everything looks so nice.  Thank You!”
L.C., Grand Rapids

“Very happy with the pruning.  They did a great job!”
C.M., Grand Rapids

“Crew did an outstanding job!  Thanks so much for your fine work!  It looks great!”
J.S., Grand Rapids

“The yard looks marvelous!  You’re doing a fantastic job!”
D.C., Grand Rapids

“Yard looks fantastic!”
M.D., Ada

“Harry is so nice and great to work with!  Lawn looks great!”
P.K., Byron Center

“Thank you for the professional treatment given in every area.  Your Christian morals are expressed beautifully!  I am so pleased with your services!”
E.K., Grand Rapids

“I love the job you did!  We are very happy!”
S.M., Grand Rapids

“Thanks for the wonderful trimming this year!”
T.K., Grand Rapids

“Excellent job!  Your personal skills are awesome – exceptional job!”
T.B., Grand Rapids

“Lawn looks fantastic!  It looks like a golf course!”
C.B, Grand Rapids

“Extremely good job!  No argument with our suggestions.”
D.C., Grand Rapids

“Yard looks sharp!  Thanks so much for doing an awesome job!”
H.T., Grand Rapids

“Awesome attention to detail!  Great workmanship on hand mowing the berm!”
A.S., Ada

“Great job trimming and cleaning up.  Golly, it never looked so good!”
M.M., Grand Rapids

“Mark was excellent to work with.  It looks great!”
J.S., Grand Rapids