AGRLP Recognizes Everett’s with 2023 Award for Outstanding Landscape Maintenance

by Everett's Landscape

February 27, 2023

by Everett's Landscape

February 27, 2023

Award: 2023 Award for Outstanding Landscape Maintenance

Project: The Brom Residence

Project Lead: Jim Calkins, CGIP, Maintenance Sales

Located on the Thornapple River, the Brom residence features unique landscape design by Everett’s Landscape.

The property has a hill that leads down to the river, which features a natural stone staircase and GreenWall, as well as a seating area.

A pond on the back of the house has a unique waterfall that is maintained throughout the season.

Along with general lawn maintenance, the property has winding trails through the natural area of the property. During the green season, the trails are maintained on a bi-weekly basis, as the residents enjoy exploring the natural landscape with their grandchildren.

In the early spring, a pre-emergent is put down in all beds to help prevent from weeds popping through. All of the beds are redefined prior to the hardwood bark installation, keeping a clean barrier and defined edge against the turf. All shrubs are pruned back once during the mid-summer, and again during the late summer months to maintain shape. During dormancy, shrubs and trees are pruned back to maintain size.

At the entrance of the property, the two Bosnian Pines are also treated for insect and disease control to help maintain the overall health of the trees. To keep a healthy turf as well as a beautiful look, we provide a full five step fertilization program.

Thank you to the Association of Grand Rapids Landscape Professionals for this honor!