Lawn Maintenance

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Our weekly mowing service includes mowing and trimming of your lawn and biweekly edging of your concrete driveway and sidewalks. We have crews that mow both residential and commercial lawns on a regular schedule throughout the summer months. Click here for pictures.

Fertilizer and Weed Control

The fertilizer and weed control program starts early in the spring with a crabgrass control application. Throughout the summer your lawn will be fed with the appropriate fertilizers to maintain its lush green color. Optional applications include a grub control treatment and additional fall fertilizer applications.

Pruning and Yard Work

The pruning and yard work crews take care of the plants and plant beds of our customers. They prune plants according to type and size. The beds are maintained to keep them clean and free of weeds. In the spring these crews plant annual flowers for our customers and in the fall they plant bulbs.

Bark Blowing and Mulch Installation

Our bark blower truck is capable of blowing double ground mulches whether it be regular brown or a colored variety. This is used on our larger scale projects. We also hand spread bark mulch on our smaller yards. Click here for pictures.

Lawn Aeration and Over Seeding

Lawn aeration and over seeding is best done in the fall when there is good moisture in the ground and the temperatures are cooler. This allows the aerator to dig deeper cores and the new seed enough water and the right temperature to germinate. This process will help your lawn be fuller and healthier for next year.

Snow Plowing, Removal and Salting

During the winter months, we offer snowplowing and snow shoveling services. When the snow piles add up, we can bring in loaders to remove that snow. Salting is another service we provide to keep your parking lots and side walks free of ice and snow.
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Apply DeerPro – A Professional Deer Repellent

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADeerPro is designed to prevent costly deer damage. It is the longest lasting deer repellent on the market. It is applied during the fall to provide six months of protection for your plants all winter long. There are also spring and summer monthly applications to prevent deer browsing during your plant’s growing season.

Brush Hogging

With our 15 foot Brush Hog mower we are able to mow large areas of vacant land to control the vegetation growth. We can mow residential fields, subdivision common areas, commercial lots, and roadsides. Our services are flexible, whether you only need mowing done once or several times a year.


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