Our Story

Everett’s through the years.

Our Story

Everett’s through the years

Family owned since 1956

Everett’s Landscape Management, Inc.

Through the Years

Everett purchased a 1946 international truck, trailer and a couple mowers. He hired two employees and contracted a handful of client accounts. The services offered to those clients extended far beyond the bounds of landscaping or maintenance. The employees of Everett’s Lawn Service, as it was called then, carried groceries, washed windows, and moved outdoor furniture in or outdoors. The general idea of servicing customers’ landscape needs at a fair price would continue to bring the reward of new business.
Everett and Linda Diemer, purchased a farm on Eastern Ave. and worked together from their home office. Linda would answer phones and do the bookwork while Everett worked with the crews. The mowing and equipment were stored on their 50 acres.
This article from the Grand Rapids Press in 1962 featured Everett Diemer and a few other owner operators looking for new innovative ways to move snow. This was when the One-Way Driveway Plowing was introduced, also known as the back plow. It was operated manually, which the driver had to get out of the vehicle to turn and engage the back blade.
Everett and Linda tore down their farm house and built their current house. Having the business in their backyard allowed for quick and efficient work.
Everett and Linda were blessed with four children; Luanne, Brian, Ellen and Brent. They would grow up in the family business. A busy household provided the training ground for the many years this family would be working together.
View of Everett’s from the air in 1971. Rows of evergreens can be seen in the plant nursery on site.
Everett bought his first new truck. He’s standing next to his 1972 ¾ ton Chevy, loaded with his sprayer, ready to protect trees and shrubs from insects and pests!
Everett’s was getting too busy for their home office. It was time to build an office. Linda continued her duties as bookkeeper. We see Everett and Linda taking a well deserved coffee break.
Brian’s passion for Landscape Design has grown, as well as that of his younger brother, Brent. Landscape drawings are introduced to give customers a visual plan of their landscape.
Everett pushed all employees to work hard, but at 10am, 12pm and 3pm, you would find him taking his breaks with his crews. The laughing, story telling and comradery were strengthened in these gatherings. A hot cup of coffee was always in his thermos.
With the help of Brian, Brent, and Ellen, Everett’s expanded into landscape construction and renovation. With this came new projects, new design and NEW inspiration for the landscape industry.
Everett’s has taken it to NEW heights! Building immaculate retaining walls, dreamy landscapes, and keeping customer relationships as their main focus, has allowed them to set a new standard for the Landscape Industry. Projects continue to grow in scope and geography. Crews are starting to service the lakeshore as word spreads of quality workmanship.
Continued growth pushes Everett’s to add additional advancements in lawn preparation and hydroseeding.
Everett’s Landscape Management, Inc. celebrates its 40th anniversary.
Everett and Linda officially retire from Everett’s Landscape Management Inc, ready to spend time together with hopes to travel. Their children; Brent, Brian and Ellen transition into second generation owners.
Driving sales makes expansion necessary. Additional offices and a conference room to make presentations were added.
The Living Garden. The Family Life Center hired Everett’s Landscape Management Inc. to construct a garden for Alzheimer’s patients in an attempt to stimulate memories of performing simple gardening tasks in years past. It was to be a soothing, peaceful escape from an often frightening period.
Everett’s Landscape Management, Inc. celebrates its 50th anniversary. We have grown extensively over the past 50 years, with nearly 70 employees. To celebrate we had a big celebration with the entire Everett’s Team.
Brent, Brian and Ellen continue Everett’s core values keeping customer relationships the main focus.
Brent and Brian receive multiple Awards for their landscape designs. Brian Received an Award for the Commercial Design/Build over $10,000, the “Spectrum Health Healing Garden.”
Industry Award Winner – The Thornapple River Residence.
Brent designed “The Reed’s Lake Residence receiving an Award for Landscape Design and Installation Residential over $30,000. This project was a privilege to work on and it turned out stunning! Since then, Everett’s continues to receive awards for their work in the residential market.
Jason Mulder joins Brent, Brian and Ellen as the first 3rd generation owner.
60th Anniversary Celebration at John Ball Zoo!

Everett’s Gardens was established. It was Brent and Brian’s dream to open an outdoor retail plant center where customers could come and shop their plant selection. Our goal was to create a place Where Plant Lovers Go!
(Click here to view Everett’s Gardens)

Company outing at Craig’s Cruisers. Competition was fierce on the go-cart track!
We have grown tremendously over the last few years, using every inch of our 50 + acres and 10 acres at Everett’s Gardens. We are continuing to hold tightly to our core values that allow us to build relationships one landscape at a time.

Our Core Values

We are focused on providing landscape solutions to be proud of.  We guarantee excellent customer service as we walk together through the process and aim to ensure every customer we serve experiences our core values:

A Can Do Attitude.

No matter the circumstance, we will do everything in our power to get the job done for our customers! Everett instilled a can do attitude into this company in 1956 and that holds true today.


It's important to have team members who are passionate about what they do. When you have passion for what you're doing, it gets done right. Love what you do and do what you love!

Excellent Customer Service.

Excellent customer service allows us to keep strong relationships with our customers. We have real people answering our phones in order to keep that personable touch, and we're always willing to listen and help in any way we can.


Our main focus is strong relationships with our customers. This means being 100% honest with every situation good or bad. If we do something wrong, we believe in taking ownership and fixing the situation honestly.

Exceeding Expectations.

We love dreaming with our customers. Dreaming together allows us to pin point what the needs are and how we can go above and beyond their needs to give them the wow factor they’ve been looking for!


Strong relationships are what we strive to form with our customers. In order to create strong relationships, there must be trust. Today, we still have customers from when Everett’s was founded in 1956. That’s over 60 years of trust, wow!

Professional Workmanship.

Each of our Everett’s team members goes through a training process upon hire. We believe professional workmanship is shown through our people who know each stage of the landscape process. The detail is in the work!