Need Plants?

Visit Everett’s Gardens.

Need Plants?

Visit Everett’s Gardens.

Looking for plants?

If quality plants are what you are looking for, visit Everett’s Gardens, Where Plant Lovers go! Our Outdoor Retail Plant Center is full of unique, beautiful trees, shrubs and perennials to ensure your DIY project has a professional outcome. No puny plants here! Come check us out!

“What an amazing find! Lavish displays and plentiful selections of numerous plant varieties make this a must go to place for trees, shrubs and perennials. Very helpful staff.”

-Cindi McCoy

Everett’s Gardens Proven Process

1) Initial Greeting: Positive customer experience

2) Introduction: Show options & pricing

3) Shopping: Self-shopping or knowledge assisted shopping

4) Cash & Carry: For those who like to get their hands dirty

5) Delivery: To aid in the logistics

6) Install: Worry free landscaping

7) Relationship: Ensure satisfaction & lasting customer relationship


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