We’re here to help.


We’re here to help.


Do you charge for estimates?

Greater Grand Rapids Area – $50.00
Outside of Greater Grand Rapids area – $75.00
No fee for Everett’s Customers

When is the best time of year to call for estimates/designs?

Depending upon when you would like the project completed, call as soon as you become interested in discussing it. Our busiest season includes the months of April, May and June. If you wish for a spring installation, it is best to call before February.

Landscape Design

Can a new design incorporate some of my existing plants?
Yes, we can use your existing plant material. However, some plants have a natural life cycle and if your plant has reached the end of its cycle, it is best to start with a new plant.
How much will it cost?
That depends upon the type of plants and materials and the size of your property. A small front foundation renovation can be completed sometimes for under $3,000 or it can be more elaborate and cost over $10,000. Yet, sometimes all you need is one shade tree planted that would enhance the beauty of property significantly for under $500.
Are your plants guaranteed?

Everett’s Landscape Management, Inc. guarantees plants to be true to name and inspected and approved by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Planting materials furnished and installed by Everett’s Landscape Management, Inc. are guaranteed for a period of one year, provided that plants are properly maintained, and that account balances are paid in full. Plants in need of replacement will be replaced once, and will be performed in the proper planting conditions, as availability allows. We cannot accept responsibility for loss caused by factors beyond our control, such as: rain, wind, hail, freezing, over or under watering, improper drainage, settlement, fire, tornado, vandalism, animals, pets, equipment, insects, disease, and lack of routine maintenance for which the owner is responsible. All guarantees and warranties void if landscaping is not paid in full within 30 days of completion.

When is the best time to plant?
We plant as soon as the ground is workable in the Spring and continue until the ground is frozen. Perennials, grasses and groundcovers are generally best planted by the end of October, but weather plays a vital part in the timing.
How do I get an appointment for a consultation?

Call our office at (616) 698-8064 or request a quote on our website and tell us about your project. We can direct you to the best designer or consult our About Us page and choose which designer you prefer. Once a designer is selected you will be called to set up an appointment.


How do I get to your nursery?

Click here for directions to Everett’s Gardens.

How many employees do you have?
During the growing season, we generally have about 85 employees. During the winter season about 20 employees are working in the office updating records, preparing designs & proposals, maintaining equipment and taking care of the nursery yard. Of course, that number swells when the weather calls for our snowplows to be in use.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, however if you pay with cash or check, we can keep our expenses minimized, which enables us to offer you prices that are kept as low as possible.

Lawn Maintenance

Do you mow lawns?

Yes, we typically mow lawns on a seasonal contract but we can also mow on a per time basis. If you are interested in a mowing estimate, please call our office at (616) 698-8064 or fill out our online Quote Request Form.

When do I prune my spring flowering shrubs such as lilacs?
As soon as the plants are done blooming, prune off the spent flower and shape the plant for size and appearance.
When do I prune my shrub roses?

In March prune Shrub Roses down to about 6 inches. This will allow new stems to emerge from the ground up and produce the best flower show on the new wood. Deadheading can be done throughout the season.

When do I prune my trees?

Winter is a great time to prune mature trees because you can see the structure of the plant. Please consult with an arborist about the trees on your property.

When do I fertilize my shrubs and trees?

Trees and shrubs are best fertilized in the spring or fall. Perennials and Roses should be fertilized in spring and completed by the end of July. Annuals should be fertilized monthly for the entire season or with a slow release fertilizer that will cover the whole season. Fertilization and weed control in lawns is best applied in 4 stages. Spring for fertilization and crabgrass control, early and late summer for fertilization and weed control, then one final application for late fall. Sometimes a fifth winter application of fertilization is desired. Please contact us to get an estimate for a lawn care program.

My Dwarf Alberta Spruce is turning brown, is it dead?
Not necessarily, it probably has spider mites. You can apply an insecticide for shrubs. Please follow the directions on the label.
How often do I water my newly seeded lawn?

Watering of your newly seeded lawn is vital to germination and growth of grass seedlings. Maximum root establishment and growth occur when underlying soil is moist. Keeping the soil moist begins at day one since germination will not start until moisture is present. The recommended amount of water per week is approximately 1 inch. This is ideally accomplished by watering three times per day starting at 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. The general rule of thumb is to keep the soil moist at all times without puddling or runoff occurring. The fate of your lawn now depends on you. Proper watering technique will result in a thick, healthy growing lawn. Negligence will result in a spotty, slow growing lawn giving a foothold to unsightly weeds. Everett’s can not be held responsible for a lawn that has been neglected by lack of water and/or fertilizer.

Have more questions? We're here to help! Call us at (616) 698-8064.

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