Our Team

We’re excited to work with you!

Our Team

We’re excited to work with you!

Landscape Construction  Department

Brent Diemer, CGIP


Brian Diemer, CGIP

Owner/Vice President

Matt Diemer, CGIP


Alex Lara, CGIP


Joe Kloosterman

Operations Manager

Nate Bishop, CGIP


McKenzie Pluymert, CGIP


Cassie Bigelow

Design Assistant

Dawn Brock

Design Assistant

Karri DeLange

Design Assistant

Shannon Matthes

Design Assistant

Stephanie Lindhout

Design Assistant

Konni Wohlgemuth

Design Assistant

Emma Gordon

Design Assistant

Brittany DeLange

Design Assistant

Kelsey Klingenberg

Design Assistant

Landscape Maintenance Department

Dave Slachter

Operations Manager

Nathan Hulst

Mowing Operations Manager

Jim Calkins, CGIP

Sales/Accounts Manager

Mike Mancuso

Sales/Accounts Manager

Alyssa Tyler

Customer Service

Business/Office Staff

Ellen Mulder

Owner/Business Manager

Jason Mulder


Donna Lindhout

Accounts Manager

Jen Patterson

Customer Service

Allison Mancuso

Customer Service

Tyler Diemer

Customer/Business Support

Darla Diemer

Office Support

Polly Wirbel

Human Resources

Ashley Westhuis

Customer Service

Emily Iciek

Customer Service

Emma Inchauste

Customer Service


Kayla VerWoert, CGIP

Marketing Manager/Integrator

“Everett’s staff is knowledgeable and respectful at each stage of the project. Every aspect is professionally executed. They are dependable and keep the customer informed. They are responsive to questions and last minute decision changes from the customer. It has been a pleasure working with them, no worries. Thank you!”

-Miriam Boelen

Our Core Values

We are focused on providing landscape solutions to be proud of.  We guarantee excellent customer service as we walk together through the process and aim to ensure every customer we serve experiences our core values:

A Can Do Attitude.

No matter the circumstance, we will do everything in our power to get the job done for our customers! Everett instilled a can do attitude into this company in 1956 and that holds true today.


It's important to have team members who are passionate about what they do. When you have passion for what you're doing, it gets done right. Love what you do and do what you love!

Excellent Customer Service.

Excellent customer service allows us to keep strong relationships with our customers. We have real people answering our phones in order to keep that personable touch, and we're always willing to listen and help in any way we can.


Our main focus is strong relationships with our customers. This means being 100% honest with every situation good or bad. If we do something wrong, we believe in taking ownership and fixing the situation honestly.

Exceeding Expectations.

We love dreaming with our customers. Dreaming together allows us to pin point what the needs are and how we can go above and beyond their needs to give them the wow factor they’ve been looking for!


Strong relationships are what we strive to form with our customers. In order to create strong relationships, there must be trust. Today, we still have customers from when Everett’s was founded in 1956. That’s over 60 years of trust, wow!

Professional Workmanship.

Each of our Everett’s team members goes through a training process upon hire. We believe professional workmanship is shown through our people who know each stage of the landscape process. The detail is in the work!