AGRLP Recognizes Everett’s with 2023 Award for Landscape under $25k

by Everett's Landscape

February 28, 2023

by Everett's Landscape

February 28, 2023

Award: 2023 Award for Landscape under $25k

Project: Cori’s Get-Away Retreat

Project Lead: Dave Kellogg, CGIP, Designer/Sales

The project site is located within the customer’s south lawn extremity, which is a triangular lawn wedge that merges the client’s driveway entrance together with the housing development’s principal roadway.

This lawn wedge area had previously been somewhat secluded from the roadway’s view with scattered trees and brush. The customer contracted with a tree service and had the area cleared and was now looking for something unique & interesting to be added; and in particular, something that his wife ‘Cori’ would enjoy visiting and relaxing in.

What was envisioned and proposed to the client was a ‘Get-Away’ Landscaped Island Retreat Area – that would incorporate a central sitting patio area with a flagstone walkway leading approach, surrounded by a semi-bermed perimeter that would characteristically include mountainy accent rockery combined with visually unique specimen evergreen trees and shrubbery.

The lower outer fringe areas would encompass a diversity of visually unique/eye catching long-summer blooming perennials and sprays of ornamental & native grasses intermixed. The Get-Away Area would also a variety of groundcovers including groundcover plants, ornamental rocks and bark mulch coverings.

An add-on to ‘Cori’s Get-Away Retreat’ was then also included in the form of a separated outer ‘teaser-island bedline’ that was positioned away from the main Get-Away Island – positioned out more near the triangular lawn strip’s front tip (between the roadway and the driveway’s entrance). This ‘Teaser Island’ similarly projects, but on a propionate scaled-down version, visually eye-catching sprays of summer to fall transitionally changing plant bloom & foliage colors, with consistent mountainy/rockery accents and also contains and presents the client’s residence address plaque – in full pride’s view for all passers-by.

The project turned out beautifully, and as the siting of sits prominently atop the development’s high roadway/hilltop view, it is used throughout the entire season with an open invitation to neighborhood visitors and decorated with lighting for the annual holidays that come.

Both ‘Cori’ & ‘Scott’ enjoy “just being there”…

Thank you to the Association of Grand Rapids Landscape Professionals for this honor!