AGRLP Recognizes Everett’s with 2023 Award for Special Feature

by Everett's Landscape

February 28, 2023

by Everett's Landscape

February 28, 2023

Award: 2023 Award for Special Feature

Project: Amway LiveWall

Project Lead: Alex Lara, CGIP, Landscape Designer/Sales

LiveWall systems are great opportunities to not only have live plants on your home or building, it’s also an opportunity to have a variety of plants that you can change out as you see fit. With that ability, your LiveWall possibilities are endless.

We had the pleasure of installing a LiveWall for the Amway Grand Plaza. The structure and irrigation system was installed in the fall, and we patiently waited for cold temperatures to leave before the plants could be installed.

One of our Landscape Designers, Alex Lara, partnered with Hortech’s, Dave McKenzie, on the design and plant selection for this project.

The planting design was conceptualized by Dave, and Alex selected the plants to have maximum visual impact throughout the growing season. With a high-exposure project as this, we knew the traffic would be high.

As our crews were wrapping up the plant installation, a photographer showed up to use the wall as a backdrop for her client. It was great to see the project already getting some great attention!

Thank you to the Association of Grand Rapids Landscape Professionals for this honor!