Brian Diemer’s Iconic Japanese Maple Picks for an Outstanding Landscape

by Everett's Landscape

December 15, 2023

by Everett's Landscape

December 15, 2023

Come along with me as I walk you through our Iconic Japanese Maples at Everett’s Gardens.

‘Scolopendrifolium’ Japanese Maple

Talk about great structure! This tree has interesting elongated lobes on its burgundy leaf color, which transitions into a magnificent deep red in the fall.

‘Baldsmith’ Japanese Maple

Fantastic two-toned green coloration through the summer, with bright red and orange emerging in the fall! I refer to this one as the “Billowy Cloud!”

‘Orangeola’ Japanese Maple

This tree has a strong weeping habit. I love the spring orange-red foliage! The two-toned effect is delightful. Fiery orange-red fall color!

‘Yama Kagi’ Japanese Maple

These are the “Kings of Clout” when it comes to Fall coloring! They’re bright yellows, oranges, reds and burgundy all at the same time are outstanding!

‘Pixie’ Japanese Maple

A full compact form without the size or spread! The fall color is a tremendous red!

‘Emperor 1’ Japanese Maple

This versatile plant has deep burgundy leaves and turns into an icon as time goes on!

‘Tamukeyama’ Japanese Maple

Deep red laceleaf that matures to be an Icon! I love the horizontal and weeping structure!

‘Red Dawn’ Japanese Maple

This tree is a vigorous grower and makes a beautiful lawn tree! This green leaved tree always has a tinge of red. Then in the fall it blazes orange-red!

‘Mikawa Yatsubusa’ Japanese Maple

I can gaze at this compact, layered plant for a long time! It is so intriguing! The Fall color is an outstanding orange-red!

‘Ao Shime No Uchi’ Japanese Maple

With a bright red seed set, give this lawn tree some room to show off!

‘Tsukasa Silhouette’ Japanese Maple

A great tree for screening with it’s large columnar form! Excellent orange and red fall color!

‘‘Summer Gold’ Japanese Maple

Spring new growth is bright orange. The fall color is yellow gold and orange! “Eye Popping” in a landscape!

‘‘Suminagashi’ Japanese Maple

Bright red seed set with tail light red fall color!

‘Crimson Queen’ Japanese Maple

A strongly cascading growth habit and the crates make it easy to transport!

‘Tamukeyama’ Japanese Maple

This taller form of a Tamukeyama is for someone who doesn’t want to wait long for a mature impact!

‘Shishigashira’ Japanese Maple

This tree is all about “Art form” and intricate beauty! So fun!

‘Microphyllum’ Japanese Maple

This Japanese maple celebrates a bright blend of yellows and reds!

‘Moonrise’ Japanese Maple (Shirasawanum)

With Eye-popping chartreuse color leaves, this plant becomes an automatic focal point! Dynamic fall color ranging from orange to brilliant reds!

‘Emerald Lace’ Japanese Maple

A delicate weeper that slowly transforms from green to red, starting with the leaf veins and ending in ‘Fire Engine Red!’

‘Incognito’ Japanese Maple

This is a perfect Japanese Maple for tight spaces! It requires minimal care, has interesting twisted foliage and is a fiery red in the fall!

‘Tamukeyama’ Japanese Maple (Everett’s Gardens Iconic Tree)

This Icon shows off it’s structure when the leaves drop. It truly is a plant for all seasons!