MNLA Recognizes Everett’s with 2024 Award for Commercial Landscape Design & Installation – Over $100,000

by Everett's Landscape

December 26, 2023

by Everett's Landscape

December 26, 2023

Award: 2024 Award for Commercial Landscape Design & Installation over $100,000

Project: 1916 Courtyard

Project Lead: Brian Diemer, Owner/Vice President

A marine one said, “I’d rather be tasked with one mission than have ten options!” The client tasked our Everett’s Team with trying to unify the original 1916 building with an addition from the 1970s and bring it to the current date with style and purpose!

Wow! There was so much going on it was hard to determine where to start.

We determined that history and heritage were where we wanted to begin. We saved the wrought iron fencing, highlighted the brick arches of the 1916 building’s windows and entry, and brought out other arched emblems and artifacts to display in this new courtyard space.

Two such artifacts are these plaques. The placement of these plaques in the landscaping is a reminder of the client’s history while also highlighting the work that continues to this day.–

In order to pair the two design styles of the courtyard we carried on the 1916 style using tumbled wall block with cut blue stone cap to make it look older and more permanent. The 1970s addition met the brick of the 1916 building with a smooth monochromatic finish. To soften these transitions plants had to be added!

Recreation Therapists function out of this space as they lead their clients through planting and gardening practices. To make this easier, we incorporated the Mobile Planting Walls included in this photo. Pairing these with more traditional raised planting beds allows patients with different levels of mobility to participate in the decoration of the shared space.

Specially designed planting benches allow up-front and personal interaction between patients, plants, and soil!

Everything we constructed in the 1916 courtyard was required to come up through the employee elevator! That means that there were many trips inside of the cramped space!

How many Everett’s members does it take to create wonderful fountain music? We had some challenges but a lot of fun making such a big difference!

The soft splashing of this fountain is the perfect backdrop sound in this courtyard where many confidential conversations take place. The two emblems behind the water fountain were originally featured on the original 1916 building before being removed during a renovation. These beautifully crafted pieces now have a new home where they can be appreciated again among various plantings.

Allan Block Europa in Stonecreek was the seating wall chosen to blend the original 1916 building’s architecture, color, texture, and feel with the 1970s addition’s paneling and windows.

We used select color Blue Stone cap with a thermal finish to highlight seating areas and reinforce the clean lines of the 1970s addition. We also included intentional spaces for additional tables and chairs to be placed within the courtyard to allow a variety of visitors the ability to use the space in the way that would be most healing and helpful for them.

Many other people use this courtyard for different functions for fundraisers, which may have some live music encouraging the mood! Many different people enter for respite, come to have lunch, or come to clear their heads. Therapy, whether intentional or not, happens in this space that is so rejuvenating to the soul.

Plantings in the Live Wall make the best transition from the different building styles of 1916 and the 1970s! There is no better way than to count on softening, screening, and blending from live plants and a floral display to bring this whole courtyard together in unity!

What once was an afterthought, the space between two non-compatible architectural styles is now a successful blending of the ages. We crafted a courtyard that celebrates the client’s rich history of helping give needed relief.