Fertilization Technician

The Fertilizer Technician is responsible for providing superior customer service and helpful insight to each current and future Everett’s Landscape customer. He/She is responsible for accurately applying fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides to desired locations.


  • Performs routine maintenance and care of sprayers and other equipment associated with weed control; maintains records of chemicals used and distributed
  • Apply chemicals under specified formulations, applying knowledge of weather conditions.
  • Mix pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides according to label requirements for application to trees, shrubs, and lawns.
  • Clean and service machinery daily to ensure operating efficiency.
  • Properly fill out required worksheets which include customer information, types of chemicals used, and amount of chemicals used as required by Department of Agriculture.
  • Abide all safety requirements which includes proper Personal Protective Equipment, Safety Awareness, and Accident Avoidance.

Requirements & Certifications

  • 1+ years previous pesticide application experience
  • Must have a clean, valid Michigan issued Driver’s License
  • Must have a valid Medical Card
  • Pesticide License certified in Core 3A, 3B and 6

To apply

Please apply using this form or on Indeed. For additional information contact our Human Resources Department at (616) 698-8064 or

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Our Core Values

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